ASPCA Research Assistantship

Published: July 30th, 2011

Category: News


The Maples Center for Forensic Medicine is proud to offer two ASPCA Research Assistantships.  The first recipient, Ms. Lerah Sutton, B.A. has utilized the research position to employ a technique of casting bone, which utilizes a plastic resin and silicone mold instead of plaster or stone materials used in previous methods.






This technique allows multiple copies to be made from the same cast without the loss of detail.  This image (right) shows the minute details present on bone that can be reproduced by this method.  Natural openings in bone, called foramen, are easily visible in the cast in the lower right area of the mandible.  The replica produced is extremely durable and can be utilized in hands-on instruction of students in the identity  and analysis of gunshot wounds, sharp and blunt force trauma to bone.  This allows each student to have an identical copy of the bone trauma, and if a teaching specimen is damaged or lost, a new copy can be easily made.  This casting method will greatly assist in the
laboratory teaching of osteology and trauma
analysis within the veterinary forensic sciences program.