ASPCA Forensic Services Team

The ASPCA maintains a fully equipped Forensic Services Team who stand ready to assist law enforcement officials and veterinary professionals throughout the United States.  This team employs a Certified Crime Scene Analyst to help ensure the recognition, documentation, and preservation of physical evidence from scenes of animal crime.

ASPCA CSI VanTo assist in the collection of physical evidence recovered from animal crime scenes, the ASPCA can deploy the Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit.  This vehicle is a Ford E-450, fully enclosed 26-foot uni-body that is climate-contolled  and completely self-contained.  This vehicle also contains a surgical suite with digital x-ray, anesthesia, and oxygen so that immediate life-saving medical care can be provided on-scene to any animals in need.  Providing this capability on-site provides for state-of-the-art veterinary care and ensures the integrity of physical evidence.



The ASPCA Subaru Outback CSI unit is another highly customized vehicle specially designed for crime scene use.  The ASPCA’s Subaru Outback CSI unit can access crime scenes in difficult terrain and is utilized when a limited amount of forensic analytical equipment is needed at the scene.  This specialized vehicle is also used for the rapid transport of animals in need of medical care beyond the capabilities of those provided on scene.



ASPCA TrailerThe ASPCA Crime Scene Investigation trailer is a 18-foot tandem axle cargo unit stocked with a 8×18 foot portable building with integrated flooring, AC/Heat units for the portable building, and a complete set of excavation equipment needed for the examination and recovery of physical evidence from clandestine gravesites.



Forensic ServicesTo provide for the specialized processing and storage of forensic evidence collected on-scene, the ASPCA can deploy a specialized 24-foot tandem axle goosneck trailer and a Ford F250 Forensic Services truck.  This unit is stocked with photography, evidence marking and collecting supplies.  Equipped with 6,000 watt generator, 360 degree high-output exterior scene lighting, refrigerated storage, AC/Heat, and stainless steel topped workspace, this mobile forensic services unit ensures the integrity of forensic evidence.